Credits for

Database Developers

The Bioinformatics project is indebted to the following students and staff who have contributed to the development of individual databases.
  • Christina Baker
  • Sheree Beane
  • Arne Christiansen
  • Shanauk Desai
  • Bill Donnelly
  • Sudheer Gaddam
  • Michael Goetzinger
  • Nuno Goncalves
  • Elanor Nunn
  • Sandra Nunnes
  • Jessica Stevens
  • Suzette Stevens
  • Rehana Vaidya
  • Yue "Jeff" Xu


The following faculty have contributed data, time, and support to the database development projects.
  • Willy Bemis
  • Betsy Dumont
  • Paul Godfrey
  • Joe Kunkel
  • Rod Murphey
  • Randy Phillis
  • Bernie Rubinstein
  • Karen Searcy
  • Doug Smith
  • Elsbeth Walker

Technical Staff

The development of the bioinformatics project would not have been possible without the superb technical support provided by the Morrill Science Center technical staff:
  • Tom Carpenter
  • Jake Cunningham
  • George Drake
  • Tom Hoogendyk
  • Brett Longworth
  • Dave Powicki
  • Al Woodhull


The following organizations have contributed time, money, and support to the development of the bioinformatics project:

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